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The Good Shepherd Drop-In Center 250 North Street, Bennington VT

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Saturday & Sunday 9am-2pm

We believe that everyone deserves a life of dignity, to be treated with respect, and to have a place to call home.

Homelessness can happen to anyone and many of us are one adverse health event, layoff, or missed rent payment away from it. The current trends of high foreclosure rates, increasing housing costs, and increased barriers to educational and employment opportunities are creating a crisis of homelessness right here in Bennington and throughout the United States. At BCCH, our dream is to end homelessness in Bennington County, and serve as an example for other communities and shelters. We understand that all human beings have many interdependent needs, such as the need for shelter, connections within the community, growth, purpose, and dignity. The cycle of homelessness can only be broken when these interdependent needs are met. In other words, putting a roof over someone’s head is simply not enough. That is why BCCH works with several state and community partners to provide support in all of these areas. At BCCH, we know that each person’s circumstances and needs are different. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to look for solutions that meet their specific needs and help them work towards self-sufficiency, health and wholeness. In the space of one year, we are able to provide resources and services to more than 400 families, women and men who are experiencing homelessness. On an ongoing basis, we can provide emergency and transitional housing for nearly 50 families, women and men at our three properties:

  • The Good Shepherd Emergency Overnight Shelter
  • The Good Shepherd Drop In Center
  • Thatcher House, an emergency shelter for families
  • McCall Street, a transitional housing unit.

In addition to providing overnight shelter services, the Good Shepherd also serves as a daytime drop-in center that provides:

  • Daytime shelter
  • Basic needs
  • Showers
  • Support services
  • Permanent supportive housing programs
  • Comprehensive case management

While we are currently able to provide resources for over 400 people a year, there is much more that is needed, and much more that we want to accomplish. If you have questions or need immediate assistance, please call us at 802-442-2424.